The fruits from our project last year. The school organized Science Fair that is indeed a successful one, utilizing the science lab that was donated by generous people. Saifund would like to thank everyone once again for your never ending support and thank you to the school for sharing this with us. Moments like this makes us content   Click Here for more Pictures : Science Fair Siliau 

Saifund’s first program of 2016 was a tremendous success. Our project took place in SJKT Chemor, which hosted the highest number of students thus far. Around RM 15k was spent in total for purchases of school items, including setting up of a computer lab. This program holds special as Saifund had many new volunteers coming in to participate int he day program that was organized. From the team of Saifund, [...]

Our latest event on the 19th of June. Photography by Ann Ashvin Photography. Sai Fund event in Siliau, NS. Science lab and sports equipments worth 13k was sponsored, through all your generous donation. Also Sincere thanks to our consistent sponsor Mind to Mind Publication for their continuous support. Click on the link below to view more images : SJKT BRADWALL

Sai Fund event in SJKT Tronoh was a successful event, with the school being equipped with items worth nearly 10k. These were part of the sponsors for the day. 1) Chairs x 30 x RM 20 per chair(estimated) = Vasuthevan Muthiah 2) Exercise Books Std 1 to Std 6 (Estimated RM 1500) = Vetri Sangam 3) Goodie Bags RM 150 = Sponsored by Bambush Motorsport 4) Gifts for the kids [...]

Sai Fund’s finale project for this year was yet another round of success. SJKT Sunggala, Port Dickson was our focus point and a total of RM8k worth of items were sponsored to the well-being of the school. The warmth given by the children and teachers moved the members and volunteers of Sai Fund. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of the children’s day at school, with priceless smiles and [...]

A total of RM 10 000 was donated to this cause by Sai Fund, to encourage and sponsor Tamil school kids from around Klang Valley to participate in this activity. Here is a word from Sai Fund committee member : Malaysian International Yoga Competition (MIYC). An event that I was given an opportunity to participate and talk about my experience being part of it. With hundreds of participants from all [...]

Sai Fund’s latest project was a tremendous success. Recently held in SJKT Linggi, a total of RM 8k worth of items were provided. Lovely children in well-maintained school although they lacked on proper facilities. 8 white boards Projector Dictionaries Work book materials Stationery Goody bags Sai Fund’s another milestone. This would not be possible without the love from all of you. A big thank you to everyone who has taken [...]

One of the book reading program was recently sponsored fully by Sai Fund (RM 1406) . As our aim had always been to provide education materials , it was great to see that the kids are finally having plenty of books in hand to aid their classroom learnings. Read more from the teachers below: “The goal is simple, to provide books for these teachers so they could teach their students to read [...]

A total of RM7,475.34 was donated for this cause by Sai Fund. The targeted kids were picked from problematic and underprivileged families, and deeply dedicated Karma Yoga Volunteers from MYS are taking care of each family , targeting them individually. The kids pictures had been blurred to protect their identity.Pictures shows their free tuition and some individual tutoring at home by volunteers. School opening expenses involved buying books, uniforms for the [...]

Our new Sai Fund Perak program, to run for a long term. The kids comes from nearby slum-like-areas , and all of them has got a story to tell that would move you to tears .Most don’t even have anything to eat. Nutritional food,education, basic needs,spiritualism and schooling needs would be taken care of. The team would be led by Rekka , fully sponsored for a long term by Team [...]

A total of 8k worth of immediate needs. 5 PC’s 5 Book Racks 1 Printer 3 Steel Cabinets 5 Teachers Table Goodie Bags Exercise Books and Dictionaries School Bags Click HERE to see more details and pictures.

A total 4k worth of items for this school. Beautiful school, well maintained though without proper facilities, and charming kids.   Click HERE to see more pictures and details.

The camp focused on building character, strength and influence young teens towards Yoga. It has been a major breakthrough, and Sai Fund had contributed a total of RM 12744.30 towards this cause, raised from readers. This annual event trains around 300 young teenagers, trained by professional instructors headed by Master Mani from Malaysian Yoga Society. All of them are volunteers who did not take a single cent to spend time [...]

  Sai Fund latest event in SJKT Ladang Matang, Perak was a grand success. We assisted the school with cabinets, teachers tables, students tables, 5 set of PCS, Learning programs, Deepavali gifts and goodies, Exercise books, School bags , complete set of stationeries and many other things. Thanks to all of you, it shows that we’re a self sustaining community. Click HERE for further info.  

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